Tutorial How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 Flash Counter (Video)

It is one of the annoyances with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and all its variants when flashing custom ROMs and kernels is the flash counter, which is incremented every time you unofficially flash a firmware or a kernel.  We know that there are ways you can reset your flash counter to zero and remove the yellow triangle. If you USB jig reset your flash counter, it may take long Process.I have try it and found that the method reset binary counter  via USB jig  takes long too and on my end, it didn’t work at all.

Reset galaxy s3 Flash Counter

Here Triangle Away app can solved this problem! Below is the Video tutorial on how to reset the Binary or Flash counter to “0”.

Tutorial how to Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 GT i9300 Binary Count via Triangle Away (Thanks: rootgalaxys3iii.com):

Step 1: Download and install Triangle Away from Google Play Store. (Please Download original version from Google Play store! )

Step 2: Launch Triangle Away. Triangle Away require you to download some data into your S3. So, Enable Wifi connection and then click download.

Step 3: After download complete, click Reset flash counter.

Step 4: Your phones will boot into Reset flash counter warning Menu.

Step 5: Press volume out button to start reset S3 flash counter.

Step6: your S3 will reboot once reset flash counter process complete (<5sec)!

Go to download mode again. Your phone must display the following details:


Download Triangle Away: Google Play Store

source: RootGalaxys3iii.com

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