Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories Hands-On (Video)

Samsung revealed a wide selection of accessories that will be available for its Galaxy S3 and These accessories are now available, for pre-order in the UK. UK online retailer MobileFunTV upload some hands-on videos of: C-Pen, Flip Cover , Holder and Battery Charger .

These accessories are now available, for pre-order in the UK. Let,s check the hands-on videos:

Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen:

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a stylus known as the S Pen, but the S3 gets its own C Pen. It’s a capacitive stylus pen “exclusively optimised” for the S3′s screen, with a 3mm rubber tip and an aluminum body that matches the S3′s design.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

The cover consists of a replacement back with an attached screen cover (several colour options are available) that flips back when you want to use the screen. The advantage of having a detachable back coverĀ  is that you can use a screen protector that doesn’t add any bulk to your S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger – EB-H1G6LLEGSTD

For those who really hammer their phones, a second battery is a must to sometimes get you through the day. Connect a Micro USB cable to the rear of this stand, flip up the cover and insert your spare battery to charge it while your shiny new S3 sits pretty on the stand.

Source: MobileFunTV

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