Download MapFactor Navigator- Offline Turn-By-Turn GPS and Voice Navigation App Now Available For Android (Free)

Ever needed a map urgently but lacked a mobile network connection? Or traveling abroad and afraid to use maps because of the extortionate roaming charges? The offline maps are really good and relatively small in size. If it just had tracking and waypoints, it would be the best mapping application around.

If you want to use offline map, then you can follow the tutorial at here on how to download local maps to store on your phone. That way you can use Google Maps even without a data connection. But if you want use Offline Turn by Turn GPS and Voice Navigation (note: Google Android turn by turn navigation require network connection) Maps on your Android phones or Tablets, then you need MapFactor Navigator.

Android MmapFactor Navigation

Once you have installed a map it can be viewed without any network connection. So download your maps before you leave home, and then don’t worry about needing cellular or WiFi coverage.

The data is stored locally, so you will never have to worry about hidden roaming charges or the quality of your network data connection again. The includes:

Voice guidance
* intuitive voice navigation in different languages
* door to door route planning
* cross-border routing without the need to switch between countries or to a less detailed map

GPS satellite navigation
* 2D/3D mode allows realistic visual map display
* day/night modes switch colour schemes for day or night time driving
* map rotates in driving direction, or north up

* find nearest points of interest
* postcodes
* full GB postcodes (1.8 million)

Speed cameras
* hear audible warnings as you approach speed cameras

* add your own favourite locations and routes
* routing modes for car, pedestrian, truck
* route avoidance – block off certain road from your route

Download MapFactor Navigator: Google Play Store

Download MapFactor Navigator beta Apk: How To download

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