Download X Link For Android–Simplifies File Transfer Between PC and Android (Free)

Mounting your Android phone to transfer files is fast and efficient, but nothing beats the convenience of a wireless file transfer. It can be a pain to plug in your Android phone to your desktop or laptop just to move some wallpapers or ringtones around.

Luckily, you don’t have to stay tethered. If you’re on a home Wi-fi network, it’s a snap to get access to your files with no cables needed. There’s a lot of different ways to get files to/from your Android device to your computer. But I’ve been searching for the easiest method possible.

X-Link App from XDA member, Joschi70, simplifies the File transfer between PC and Android devices. It is a simple, free method to do this, using multicasts to find other clients within the same WiFi network and no setup is needed.  You can not only transfer files between PC and Android but also between Android devices.

Download X-Link: Android Market Link

Download X-Link 0.8 APK: How to Download Apk

The PC client is a Java (Java 6 or higher is required) application that works in a similar way as the Android app.

Client version: 0.8.2 beta
The PC client can be downloaded form here:
The current Java version is available from Oracle:

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