How To: Change Android Phones Icon To Nokia Meego Icon Style

Nokia Meego Icon for Android

Launcher icon is an important part of this principle, because this is the entry point of your application. If you have tested the Nokia’s  MeeGo smartphone N9 or N950, then you can surely spot the Visual principles of N9 that provide a luxurious product with beautiful graphics.

Basically, Nokia Meego smartphones has a whole new touch user interface not seen on any other phone in the market. Some people say it looks the same as iPhone and Android in that you an swipe home screens to the side.  But i think that the user interface is radically different once you get to know what it really is. If you want a fresh look on your Android with Nokia Meego icon design, then here are the steps,

Step1: Download and install Launcher Pro and Meego Icons launcher Pro.

Step2: Run Launcher Pro.

Step3: Press the menu button then choose preferences.


Step 4: Go  to Theme Setting and then choose Icon Pack.

Step 5: Choose Nokia N9 Icon Pack.


Step 6: That’s All. Enjoys!

LauncherPro 0.8.6 Apk (Free): Link

Android Market Link

Meego Icons Launcher Pro 1.1 Apk (Free): Link

Android Market Link

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