Review: ASUS Supernote Application For Android 3.2.1 ( Video)

Asus Super Note

Choice is essential when selecting innovative and technologically advanced tablets. There is a clear need for tablets than can deliver a full multimedia experience with HD video, broad connectivity options and gaming compatibility with standards like Adobe Flash, all in a compact device.

With the best-selling Android tablet in the market, ASUS is becoming known as more than just a motherboard company that also makes notebooks, but to one that makes technology solutions suited for a variety of lifestyles. The recent Android 3.2.1 update , Asus brings a new app called Supernote – one that will revolutionize the way you take notes in class. There are already ways to take notes in class with your ASUS Eee Pad Transformer or Slider Tablet using the included Office Suite, but Supernote takes note-taking to a whole new level.

Asus Supernote application is by far the best note taking app that I have come across.  Supernote allows you to take notes easily or even use it as a canvas for your drawings and  you can use the edit option to reorder, delete, copy, move, export, or import notes. With Supernote you can switch seamlessly between typing notes with your keyboard or handwriting them with your finger.

But of course, the best thing about having a touchscreen is that you aren’t confined to just writing.  Supernote makes creating charts and graphs easy and seamless.  Just click “Add Annotation” to switch to drawing mode where you can create economics graphs or sin curves  – then manipulate them to re-size or place them wherever you like in your notes.

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One Response to Review: ASUS Supernote Application For Android 3.2.1 ( Video)

  1. Nir says:

    It’s a nice app, but useless – since it doesn’t have to have any way of getting the note out – no export to PDF, no export to any other format, even no printing…
    So what does it help?

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