How To Use PS3 Controller For Play Games On Motorola Xoom (Video)

Motorola Xoom

Google has announced the official arrival of its 3.1 update of the tablet version of the OS. Android 3.1 adds broad platform support for a variety of USB-connected peripherals and accessories which aim to help Android tablets compete a little better with laptops. Users can attach keyboards, mice, game controllers and almost any type of USB device,when an accessory is attached, the framework will look for a corresponding application and offer to launch it for the user.

It is actually very enjoy that play games on Motorola Xoom android 3.1 that control using the PS3 controller. With micro USB to USB Female Cable USB-OTG N900 (Ebay: price $2.99), you can use your PS3 six axis controller to play games with your Motorola Xoom.

Motorola Xoom games control via PS3 controller  only  fully support for Nintendo Emulators(like Nesoid), Super Nintendo(Snes9X), Playstation 1(FPSE), and even Atari( Ataroid ). Here is preview with the Motorola Xoom games play with PS3 controller by,

Honestly it is not too difficult, the cable is cheap, and it is a very nice experience to use the PS3 controller. Another funky little secret is that the Xoom will actually CHARGE your controller too, a sweet little touch of tech badassness.”

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