Android Info: How To Enable Samsung Galaxy S2 USB Host Mode ?

How to unlock Android Phones USB Mode for enable directly access external USB storage on your Android Phones?  By simply unlock and activate the USB host functionality, we can plug in some form of USB storage and it should auto-mount and allow you to browse it with a file manager app. Yes, this function is very useful and convenient you to transfer and read external storage on your Android phones without PC. From previous post, we have show some tips on how to unlock USB Mode for HTC Desire HD and Motorola Xoom. To do this, we require OTG USB Cable and boot some .img file into your Android phones.

So, how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 USB Mode? AS for your info, Samsung Galaxy S2 connectivity already support USB Mode(USB 2.0 OTG). So, mean that you can directly access external USB storage on your Samsung galaxy S2  without any root,  any command or ROM modification.

From the Samsung Galaxy S2 official specs, we know that Samsung Galaxy S2  connectivity not only support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, but also support USB OTG. USB OTG or USB On-The-Go is part of a supplement to the USB 2.0 specification. The specification allows for devices that generally fulfill the role of being a slave USB device to a USB host   to become the host themselves when paired with another USB device.

So, to enable Samsung Galaxy S2 USB Mode , you need connect Samsung USB sticks directly to your phone, allowing you to copy data to and from the external drive. However, this Samsung USB sticks converter is not supplied, should make their own purchase another. Lets watch the video below demo on how Samsung Galaxy S2 USB Mode  work.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S2 USB Mode  Function Demo.

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  1. renan says:

    onde compro o adpitador ssamsung

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  3. Theuns says:

    Hi there.

    Please help me with my samsung galaxy s2.
    I want to connect my ps3 through the phones portable wifi hotspot.
    The ps3 can detect the samsung but no internet connection istablishes

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