Android App: CamTranslator – Real-Time Text Translation Via Android Build In Camera (Free)

CamTranslator  is a intelligent portable Snap Translator that can snap a picture of any text and will automatic real-time translation using Android phones build in camera. All you have to do is select source and target languages, take a photo of the item, and select text portion of it that you want to translate. The translated text is then displayed next to the original photo of the item and can be saved for future reference.  Yes, this intelligent software application is easy to use and no typing on Android keyboard is needed for any translation.

Busy professionals and foreign travelers can use CamTranslator to instantly translate items like restaurant menus, hotel booklets, product manuals, or snippets from books and newspapers. Program support different countries, the text, coupled with integrated Google Translate, Google Translate can immediately connect to see more information.

So amazing and useful application! CamTranslator work perfect on my nexus one phones where text translations, performance, accuracy in translation is great! This application functionality is almost similar to the Concept and graphic  design  by Mac Funamiz , Future of internet search!

Lets watch on video clip below on how CamTranslator work on Android phones.

Video: CamTranslator demo on Android Phones

Overall here is the CamTranslator features,

1. Snap Translation – Recognize and translate up to 14 languages, including Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian,Malay and etc.

2. Instant Translation Mode – Open Camera , shake the mobile phone slightly, it can recognize and translate the word near cursor in viewfinder automatically.

3. Auto-recognize language type and translate.

4. Multi Language inter-translation – It supports Google translation crossly among up to 54 languages, it also supports 24 languages’ Google Dictionaries.

5. Auto-detect text orientation – Auto-detect the text orientation in the image and rotate it to the upside position.

6. My Vocabulary —- A must-have learning tool to help you review history records.

Download CamTranslator 1.2  from Android Market: Link

Download CamTranslator 1.2 Apk file: Link

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