Android Tutorial: How To Manually Install Android Package (APK) file On Android Phones

An .apk file extension denotes an Android Package (APK) file and this file format, a variant of the JAR format, is used for the distribution and installation of bundled components onto the Android mobile device platform. As we knows Android is one of the most promising mobile platforms currently available on the market. There have 2 ways to install android application on your android phones: directly install from Android Market and manually install apk on your Android Phones. You can use Astro File Manager or APK Install and uninstall tool  application to manually install apk on your Android Phones.

Method 1: Install APK via Astro File Manager.

ASTRO stands for Android System for Tools, Reporting and Organization. ASTRO File Manager provide you the best way manage any files on your SD card , including program folders for third-party apps and the contents of your root system folder. You can copy, delete, move or rename, send files as attachments or just want to manage running applications.

To install Apk, you just launch and use Astro File Manager to search the apk file which place at the SD card, and then double click the apk to start installation.

Download Astro File Manager 2.5.2 from Android market: Link

Download Astro File Manager 2.5.2, Apk file: Link

(Support Android 1.5 and up)

Method 2: Install Apk file via APK Install and Uninstall Tool

APK Install and uninstall tool is one of is the tool specific design only for Install and uninstall apk task. Compare with Astro File manager, this tools is more easy to use. By simply click on the install icon on the main menu, and then you can search the apk file which place on sd card to start installation.

Download APK Install and Uninstall Tool, Apk File: Link

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