Android App: Move2SD Enabler and App 2 SD – Move Application To SD Card (Free)

How to move some of your apps to your SD card in the fastest way without start digging around in your settings? Move2SD Enabler (root require) and App 2 SD is the recommend tools for you to manually reduce your Android phones internal memory storage space.

Move2SD Enabler is a free android application for you to unlock move all applications to the microSD card. You can unlock  all applications by set the unlock method either by Auto or External on the Move2SD Enabler  setting menu. For easy you to transfer all the installed applications (Except system apps) on your Android Phones, you can use App 2 SD. App2SD has a good design of UI  for you easy to use and move the installed applications to SD Memory storage. As for your info, this app is not used to backup apps to SD card and have to manually install the apps after switching to a new phone or hard reset. App 2 SD will also run in the background and will show you the info on notification bar when you install app that can be moved to the SD card. Yes, App 2 SD and Move2SD Enabler offer you more free space for your limited internal phone storage.

Download  Move2SD Enabler 0.9.6 beta (for Android version 2.2 and higher),

Apk File: Link

QR Code:

App2Sd Enable

Download App 2 SD Free 1.41 (for Android version 2.2 and higher, supports App2SD),

Apk File: Link

QR Code:


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6 Responses to Android App: Move2SD Enabler and App 2 SD – Move Application To SD Card (Free)

  1. DHARLIS says:

    what about Android 2.1 and below? will it work?

  2. S2T says:

    DHARLIS, only will work on Android 2.2and above.

  3. StAli says:

    Can u suggest some other app for 2.1

  4. csheng says:

    Hi, StAli

    So far, doesn’t have any app app for 2.1.
    We will share with you once we get it. :)

  5. zed says:

    will this application works without creating partitions to our sd card?

  6. csheng says:

    Yes Zed!

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