Android Roots: Download and Root / Unroot Android Phones with SuperOneClick v1.5.5

SuperOnecClick V1.5.5

There are a lot of tools can be use to  to root your Android Phone on the market. We know that we can fully control or access to our android phones once our android phones has been root. Now, root or unroot android phones task seem become more easy where we can root or unroot our android phones within few second with only one click. Universal Androot, Z4Root and SuperOneClick root application is the tool mostly used to root our android phones.

SuperOneClick Root

Updated SuperOneClick version 1.5.5 has just released and now come with more function. SuperOneClick V1.5.5 now not only can be use for perform root or unroot task but also can use to Enable Non-Market App and Get UNLOCK code on your android phones. According to the developers, CLShortFuse, this one-click root that works with Froyo on our Captivates and works with almost all phones and all android versions. As we mention before, this root/unroot need connect your android phones to PC and requires work with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+ or Mono v1.2.6+. The root step is simple where you have only follow instruction as below,

Step 1; Turn your android phones USB Debugging OFF.
Step 2: Download and launch Superoneclick 1.5.5 on your PC. Then Click Root.
Step 3: When it says: Waiting for Device, Turn USB Debugging ON
Step 4: It’ll now run RATC
Step 5: When it says: Starting ADB Server…
Step 6: Turn your android phones USB Debugging OFF
Step 7: Turn your android phones USB Debugging ON
Step 8: Turn your android phones USB Debugging OFF
Step 9: All BEFORE it says “Waiting for device…” again

Overall, SuperOneClick v1.5.5 now is more stable and integrate with other function. SuperOneClick v1.5.5 works with most phones and is a great alternative if Universal Androot and  Z4Root doesn’t work for you.

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14 Responses to Android Roots: Download and Root / Unroot Android Phones with SuperOneClick v1.5.5

  1. mike says:

    what phones does this not work for

  2. mohsen_NY says:

    z4root 1.3 didn’t work for my Motorola DEFY
    any help with this one you guess? :-s
    btw. I didn’t understand steps 7 & 8 :D

  3. csheng says:


    You can try use temporary root. To use z4root, here is the guidelines link:

  4. Mikroter says:

    My Dell Streak is use Android 2.2 with :
    Baseband : GAUSB1A131800-EU
    Kernel :
    Build : 12821

    is success to ROOT !!!!

    i got the way to root in here :…9182&page=2

    with this step :

    This is what worked for me. On Dell’s 318 Build. I put debugging on, turned off my Streak:

    1. Get a copy of Super One Click 1.7.0
    2. Turn off Phone
    4. When the program starts, check rageagainstthecage exploit
    5. Click Run in Super One Click (do NOT turn the phone on yet)
    6. When Super One Click says “waiting for device”, plug in phone and turn it on
    7. Wait for a while while the phone boots up. Tons of messages will go by. Sometimes it looks like it is hanging. It is not

    8. Finished! You should be nice and rooted.

    After 3 days finally i finished “How to root my Dell Streak Android 2.2 build 12821″

    Hopely this can be help the other whom not yet success to root Dell Streak.

  5. csheng says:

    Great!! :)

  6. samson says:

    this may sound a bit naive,however throughout this process does my android need to be connected to my computer?

  7. csheng says:

    Hi, samson

    Yes, you need to connect to computer to perform Root task.

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  9. andy says:

    Does this root proces work for htc wildfire ?thanks in advantage.

  10. csheng says:

    Hi, i am not sure is it can work fine on htc wildfire.

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  12. sakthibruce says:

    Hey hoe to upgrade from android 2.1 to 2.2 in my mobile dell xcd 35. Thanks for dis awesome website

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