Android App: Turn Android Phone Into WiFi Hotspot via Android WiFi Tether (Free)


Android WiFi Tether is a free android application that available download at android market. By simply setup and launch Android WiFi Tether on your phone, you can turn your android phone into WiFi Hotspot via 3G or 2G mobile connection.  Compare with other WiFi Tether application, this free application is easy to use without any complex configuration or setting. Android WiFi Tether only enable tethering WiFi for rooted android Phone. So, you can use the easiest root method, Universal Androot or Superoneclick root to gain root to your android phone within few second.

android wifi 1

android wifi 2

Overall, Android WiFi Tether is a free and great android application. As i tried and compare few of other WiFi Tether application from android market, i found that WiFi Tether is the best and complete free WiFi tether application for android phone. WiFi signal which established from my Nexus one via Android WiFi Tether is stable and smooth.

Download Android WiFi Tether (Free),

  • Apk file and QR Code: Link

Update 1:

How to set Android phone to WiFi Hotspot via Android WiFi Tether,

Step 1: Make sure that your Android already rooted. ( If not, root now: Link)

Step 2: Setup Android WiFi Tether on your android phone.

Step 3: Start Android WiFi Tether on your android phone after installation complete.

Step 4: Go to “Access Control” setting.

Step 5: Enable the “Access control” function.

Step 6: Now go to setup setting.

Step 7: For safety purpose, you can turn on Wifi Encryption.

Step 8: Then you can set your own Passpherase and also SSID.

Step 9: Back to main menu and then press Android WiFi Tether icon to start WiFi Tethering.

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15 Responses to Android App: Turn Android Phone Into WiFi Hotspot via Android WiFi Tether (Free)

  1. mike says:

    can you put a download link..the qr code is not working

  2. Heng says:

    Thanks for your info.

  3. mike says:

    thanks for the link

  4. jo2 says:

    idk how to use this my phone is g2 so i have hspa+ but when i use wifi tethering it doesn’t seem to work it only says limited connectivity, help me with the configuration pls

  5. Heng says:

    Hi Jo2,

    Make sure that ” Access Control is enable” on your Android phone. So ,u launch the android WiFi tether,then go to “Access Control” setting and then tick the Connected/Authorized Clients to enable Access Control .


  6. Heng says:

    Hi Jo2,
    I have just update the setting as above” Update 1:”.

  7. teddy flores says:

    my phone says this application comes from an unknown source, and for your security only applications from trusted sources can be installed

  8. csheng says:

    Hi, teddy flores

    you must set allow installation of non-Market applications on your Android Phones. You go to Setting -> Application setting, then enable “Unknown Sources”. :)

  9. Tom says:

    Having trouble downloading the correct software to get my samsung galaxy s phone to be a hot spot. Can u help me??
    Thanks for your time.

  10. Doug says:

    For the Samsung Droid Charge only, there’s a wifi hotspot app that doesn’t require root:

  11. endroid says:

    thank’s for sharing..

  12. *Help* says:

    trying to make this work for my samsung vibrant wich is a 3g but so far no luck. It keeps saying “is ur device rooted“ what should i do?

  13. EnDroid says:

    Hi, *Help*, this Android WiFi Tether Apps only support rooted Phones. So you must root your phone to utilize this application.

  14. TJ says:

    Will this app still let me tether if my phone does not have service

  15. ryan says:

    Sounds awsome

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