Android Apps: Windows 7 Themes for Android Phone (Free)

Android Window 7(1)

Windows 7 ported to Nexus One?

No, it is only windows 7 theme setup on nexus one phone. This free and awesome theme, Android windows 7 GUI and function operating almost similar to windows 7. SMS, system Navigation,icon design,internet explorer browser for surfing and more other windows 7 clone function will make you real feel running windows 7 on your android phone.




Android Windows 7 which is develop by joymms can support android 2.0 or above and this version of Android Windows 7 only available for Chinese language only. If you feel interest and want to test on your android phone, you can download here.

· Android Windows 7 Apk file: Link

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    3 Responses to Android Apps: Windows 7 Themes for Android Phone (Free)

    1. Darin says:

      I love this, could you, would you please make an English version?

    2. ayamas says:

      Is it only in Chinese? Is it available in English?

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