Android Root: SuperOneClick Root Any Android Phone With One Click

Here is good news for android user, now has another new and powerful root application can use to root almost all Android Phone. Similar to Universal Androot concept, SuperOneClick can root several android phone with only one simple click.

Super One click

According to the SuperOneClick developer, SuperOneClick  work and success root on almost every android phone been tested on so far. Yes, SuperOneClick works on the Nexus One which is running on latest version of os,  Android 2.2.1. Compare with universal Androot,  SuperOneClick need work with your pc where universal Androot can use to root android phone directly on your android phone. So, How to use SuperOneClick Root ?

How to use SuperOneClick Root:

  • Step 1: Download SuperOneClick and then unzip on your computer (Superoneclick only work on windows Platform).
  • Step 2: Connect your Android Phone to the pc via USB, then set your android phone to USB debugging mode (Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging).
  • Step 3: Launch the SuperOneClick.exe.
  • Step 4: Click the root button and then wait for few second for  SuperOneClick  perform root on your android phone.
  • Step 5: That’s all. Enjoy your rooted android phone now.

Overall, i think that SuperOneClick is still new and you also may run into difficulty when using this root application because SuperOneClick doesn’t provide any unroot function to recover your android phone. So, try it on your own risk.

Update 1:

Now, SuperOneClick Root( v 1.4 ) still no complete work on Sprint EVO 4G , Droid Incredible,HTC Desire GSM,HTC Desire CDMA ,HTC Aria,Droid Eris ,HTC Wildfire.

Stay tuned, We will provide you latest SuperOneClick info on

Download SuperOneClick v1.4 : Link

(Thanks xda developer member)

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10 Responses to Android Root: SuperOneClick Root Any Android Phone With One Click

  1. revolgod says:

    failed on dell streak, android 2.1-update1(Official version by, build 20100908:

    Killing ADB Server…


    Starting ADB Server…
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *


    Waiting for device…


    Pushing rageagainstthecage…
    error: closed


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  4. nasrun says:

    FANTASTIC thanks to you who make this owesome software…

  5. DHARLIS says:

    does it work with
    motorola quench xt5?

  6. Admin says:


    Try use this root and unroot application,

    This is the great root/unroot application. Free and easy to use! :)

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  8. Lauren says:

    Works great. I just rooted my Samsung Fascinate. The only problem was my anti-virus keep saying there was a virus in this program. I just disable this and then download the program. Only took about 10 mins. Thanks

  9. Lauren says:

    I rooted my phone using this method. I am trying to unroot because I am selling the phone. Does anyone know a program that works for a Samsung Fascinate. Also, the programs I have tried to used have does not work. says Superuser.apk not installed but it is. Please help. Thanks

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