Android Apps: Unlock Android Home Screen via Finger Print. (Free)

Finger Scanner _

Finger print authentication is one of biometrics security technology  widely use to limit access and identify to specific individuals. With Fingerprint recognition application, you can simply access your data via your finger without worry about any complex password that you may forgot.

Finger Scanner Pro v1.0 is a free security application design for android phone. In fact, this lock machine software not is really scan and analyses your finger print but is only detect number of times your finger touch on your android screen.

Finger Scanner setting

So when you press the finger print screen, Finger Scanner Pro will automatically start the simulation scan with a beep and vibration. Finger Scanner Pro will unlock and access into home screen by according to the number of times you set. You can set lock and unlock condition that is include sound, finger scan times period, vibration effects at the software menu.

Note: You also can unlock and direct access to your home screen by press your android phone Home screen button.

Finger Scanner unlock

  • Download Finger Scanner Pro v1.0: Link

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4 Responses to Android Apps: Unlock Android Home Screen via Finger Print. (Free)

  1. mike says:

    this is pretty good on g1

  2. Don says:

    my problem is that the home screen is locked and i cant do anything its terrible i have pressed averything but nothing works i now the password but every time its unlocks it locks just after the unlocking i need fucking help

  3. GH says:

    You just press the home button on your android phone.Then you can direct inside to your home screen.

  4. Senor Derpington says:

    Holy run on sentence, Batman!

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