Android Tutorial: Download and Run Android 2.2 Platform on Windows 7 (Free)

Android is a Linux based operating system which is developed by Google. If you are still using  iPhone (iOS), Nokia (Symbian OS) or Window Mobile and want to have a touch on the top market share of mobile operating, Android. Yes, You can start and experience Android OS on your computer first.

On previous posts, we have learnt on how to run Android OS on window via VMware.So, now will show you another method to setup android OS (Android 2.2) run on windows 7. This method is more simple and easier because you can direct setup virtual Android OS directly on your host computer by using Android Emulator.  Lets start now,

  • Step 1: Before start ,make sure your computer have Java for Windows. Download here.
  • Step 2: Download Android SDK Emulator for windows (22.2 MB)
  • Step 3: Unzip the Android SDK Emulator folder and the click on SDK Setup file.

Android 0

  • Step 4: Error message will prompt out. Click close button.

Android 1

  • Step 5: Choose “Settings” function and then click the “Force https://….sources to be fetched using http//…” .

Android 7

  • Step 6: Now you can choose Android  SDK Platform version and then click install.

Android 2

Android 3

  • Step 7: Downloading Android SDK tools and SDK platform.

Android 4

Android 5

  • Step 8: Download file complete and updated message will prompt out. Click ok.

Android 8

  • Step 9: Select Android 2.2 and then click on new button.

Android 12

  • Step 10: Now you can set your android 2.2 platform. Click “Create AVD” button to process to next step.

Android 10

  • Step 11: Message Android Virtual Manager will prompt. Click ok.

Android 11

  • Step 12: Installation complete. Now android 2.2 platform will boot and run on window 7.

Android 14

Android 15

  • Step 13: Enjoys Android 2.2 on your Windows 7.

Android 16

Android 17

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6 Responses to Android Tutorial: Download and Run Android 2.2 Platform on Windows 7 (Free)

  1. kazimierz says:

    Witam wszystko jest w porządku tylko brakuje pliku sdk setup.POZDRAWIAM.

  2. Dean says:

    so how would you take it off if you didnt like it???

  3. Chris says:

    Loved the tutorial. You saved me a tremendous amount of time. Honestly, thank you. Outstanding tutorial!

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  5. gunarto says:

    I got an error link when I try to Download Android SDK Emulator for windows (22.2 MB)

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