How to : Install Android OS On Desktop and Netbook (VMware Player)


Your are iPhone user and would like to try out and discover more on Google’s Android OS  functionality? By using VMware player, you can create virtual platform and then setup Android OS on your window 7 OS base. It is simple and easy where you can run your Android OS with Window 7 on the same time without rebooting PC. After you setup android OS on your host pc, you can online, setup application and play game on your virtual Android environment. Lets start, here’s show you how to run Android OS on your Desktop or Net book within few step.

How to install Android OS at Desktop.

Step1: Download VMware Player( free) and android-x86-1.6-r2.iso file.

Step2: Launch VMware Player.


Step3: Click on Create new Virtual Machine and Browse droid-x86-1.6-r2.iso.Click next for continue.


Step 4: Select Guest Operating System as Linux.


Step 5:  Specify the disk storage for android OS.


Step 6: Software updates message will prompt out. Click on Do Not Download.


Step 7: Choose on Run Android-x86 without installation.


Step 8. Android OS will boot now.


Step 9:  Installation Complete.





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    Can you play pc games on the andriod?

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